Jonas & Luna Sessions
Be prepared to let us get messy and creative when we do a shoot with you. We may want to move around your furniture to make the most of the light streaming in through the windows. We may want to strip your newborn down to his birthday suit and let him roll around on your bed to make use of the different colors and textures on your bedspread. Let us know what you want out of your session, and we'll do our best to capture it. For more information on portrait session pricing, what we'll bring to your location (if anything besides our cameras), and what to expect, contact us.

Jonas & Luna weddings
Jonas and Luna Weddings are unique unto themselves. We personally meet with each prospective bride and groom before booking, to ensure that we are a good match for you. This is your wonderful, special day, and we want to be sure that our shooting style and digital art is something that you are seeking in your images. If you decide to book with us, we will become part of your wedding team, and we can shoot nearly anything you wish...from coming with you to capture you trying on wedding dresses, to shooting your bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Or, we can simply be there on your wedding day. It's all up to you. Please contact us for more information on Wedding Packages and Pricing.